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Welcome to POWERON, a leading company in Greece, acting in the area of Installation, Commissioning and Servicing Industrial Power Electronics Equipment.



Courtesy ILPAP

In the early 2000's the operator ILPAP/OSY replaced its old fleet of old technology trolleybuses (DC traction motor) with new generation vehicles (DC/AC conversion).

The fleet of ILPAP/OSY is covering more than 12 million kilometers and 80 million passengers are transported per year - with more than 300 vehicles and 23 lines.

ILPAP/OSY is the largest trolleybus operator in Europe and among the largest in the world.

The Project A300T

As subcontractor of ALSTOM, an international

e-traction market leader , POWERON undertook the manufacturing in Athens of the traction equipment and the installation of 112 trolleybuses A300T for Athens Trolleybuses Project (on VAN HOOL coaches).

POWERON carried out the commissioning and technical support of the equipment.

POWERON has also been successfully engaged in long term spare parts supply and technical support for A300T trolleybus since.



  1. 1st & 2nd Level Corrective Maintenance

  2. LRU’s Maintenance

  3. Preventive Maintenance

  4. Factory Overhaul and Refurbishment

  5. Cost Control

  6. FRACAS Online Platform


  1. Identification Relational Database

  2. Obsolescence and Replacement – Lifecycle Extension

  3. Just-In-Time Availability

  4. Long Term Supply Agreements

  5. Fast Response Services

  6. International e-Traction Supply Chain


  1. DIT-MCO Automatic Wiring Analyser 

  2. FRACAS Reliability Control

  3. Fault Management

  4. Life Extension - Ageing

  5. Type and Serial Tests


We have in POWERON a proven expertise in servicing a wide range of power electronics industrial equipment, mainly inverters and converters and we deliver best in class support solutions to our customers. In recent years we have become involved as subcontractors in key international projects in Greece.

POWERON proposes to the customers several corrective and preventive maintenance services, factory refurbishment and overhaul,  in a per contractual or demand basis.


For the customers wishing to outsource life cycle management of their equipment we offer our dedicated contractual services to sustain performance and reliability. 

Services are provided on-site or in our industrial workshop.



Based on our qualification and expertise,  we are providing various engineering services: run-tests, type and serial tests, Quality Control Procedures, FRACAS Reliability Control and Fault Management, HV Insulation tests, Automatic Wiring Testing and Control, Aging and Life Extension).





POWERON Athens Trolleybus Project Team

 We are proud in POWERON having a recognised ability to adapt fast ourselves in small, medium and large size projects and respond to a rapidly changing environment and increasing customer demands. Our strong qualifications allow us to perform in providing our customers high standard services. 

Company Profile

 Mission Statement

We have grown a company with a passion for technology and the determination to make our customers business efficient. It's our commitment to be permanently in line with the best proven technologies and innovations to serve the needs of our customers and deserve their trust. 


Our mission is to provide strong support to our clients through an efficient product solution positioning, fast engineering deployment and productive partnership in technical support. POWERON's activity is project oriented.


The company is owned by directors who manage the business. We are qualified engineers with high expertise and substantial experience in industrial power electronics applications – assembling, installation, commissioning and customer support.



As subcontractor of ALSTOM, a major international e-traction market leader, POWERON undertook the manufacturing in Athens of the traction equipment, the installation and commissioning of 112 trolleybuses (A300T) for Athens Trolleybuses Company (ILPAP).



POWERON is servicing a wide range of power electronics industrial equipment (dc/ac inverters, dc/dc converters, ac/dc rectifiers, electronic control units, dc high voltage power units, no break ac power systems, PV inverters).



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