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Customer Support



Original Manufacturing Documentation
  1. 1st & 2nd Level Corrective Maintenance

  2. LRU’s Maintenance

  3. Preventive Maintenance

  4. Factory Overhaul and Refurbishment

  5. Cost Control

  6. FRACAS Online Platform

Spare Parts Management & Supply Chain
  1. Identification Relational Database

  2. Obsolescence and Replacement – Lifecycle Extension

  3. Just-In-Time Availability

  4. Long Term Supply Agreements

  5. Fast Response Services

  1. DIT-MCO Automatic Wiring Analyser 

Customized Training Services
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POWERON proposes to the customers several corrective and preventive maintenance services, refurbishment and overhaul,  in a per demand basis.

For the customers who want to outsource life cycle management of their equipment we offer our dedicated contractual services to sustain performance and reliability.  

Services are provided on-site or in our industrial workshop.

Corrective maintenance 

Corrective maintenance is carried out on all equipments and units supplied, in customer’s site or in our facility as well. Operation schedules, task lists and customized procedures allow our technicians to minimize downtime within the undertaken activities to detect, isolate and restore equipments faults.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is conducted to keep equipments working, to prevent or limit downtime and extend the life of the equipment. Planned maintenance or condition based maintenance as well are available to our customers.


Operators are challenged today by new expectations and concerns, stricter regulations and increased requirements for minimizing operating and maintenance costs.   

Although a fleet’s length of life is generally more than twenty years,trolleybuses in midlife (half lifecycle) often have to be renovated to meet changes in trends as well as placed in conformity with new regulations and prolonged life operation expectancy.

On Site Support

POWERON may provide services on customer's site in a per demand or more regular basis.

Contact us for details.  

Spare Parts

POWERON maintains a live supply chain of spare parts for  customer's equipment. We support him in assesing high availability spare parts list for equipment-stopping items (power modules, electronics), in addressing obsolescence management and cost control as well. Spare parts availability may be covered by long term supply agrements or on demand requests (e-orders through dedicated web service).    

Maintenance Database

POWERON implements on Customer's site a "cloud operated " knowledge database  - to capture, manage and maintain technical support information specific to the application. Information is available for instant online access in troubleshooting activity, diagnostics, preventive and corrective maintenance, optimization and improvements. Data are pluggable into cost control ERP's.


POWERON can implement to its customers a Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System to report, classify and analyze equipment failures in order to implement corrective action plans in response to those failures and increase operational reliability and investment return.

Equipment Overhaul

Operators are challenged today by new customers’ expectations, stricter regulations, safety concerns and increased operating and maintenance costs.   

Although a fleet’s length of life is generally more than twenty years,trolleybuses in midlife often have to be renovated to meet changes in trends as well as placed in conformity with new regulations and prolonged operation life expectancy.


Overhaul and renovation services are proposed to the customer in a per demand basis or within long term agreements. Contact us for details.

Engineering Support Services

Based on our qualification and expertise, our services are mainly focusing in site activities (run-tests, localization supervising, commissioning, maintenence and technical support) and specific Electrical Engineering services (Quality Control, Reliability Control, SCADA impementation, Fault Management, HV Insulation tests, Automated Wiring Testing). 


POWERON is managing industry's top ranking proven automated product  testing  solutions (DIT-MCO) for wired assemblies providing reliable service to demanding customers. More than just cable and harness testing equipment, our wiring analyzers verify continuity, insulation/resistance, and hipot and even perform functional testing of relay chassis, control panels and other assemblies with components. The testing system contains all of the control and instrumentation electronics as well as up to 1,000 test points of switching (expandable up to 15,000 test points). Fault Locator - When it comes to finding and repairing faults, nothing speeds up the process as a picture of a fault on a wired assembly. DIT-MCO’s Fault Locator enhances a standard error report by portraying the location of faults relative to their position on your cable assembly.

Testing high voltage cables, harnesses, and other complex wired assemblies.

The testing results displayed to the engineer identify the faults that require fixing.


A Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) may be implemented at customer’s site to be used for a systematic failure data collection, management, analysis, and corrective action implementation.The software provides a process for reporting, classifying, analyzing failures, and planning corrective actions in response to those failures. 
The system’s output includes MTBF, MTBR, MTTR, Spares Consumption, Reliability Growth, Failure/Incidents distribution by type, location, part no., serial no, symptom, etc.

Quality of our services is a permanent commitment for all people in POWERON.

Our strong qualification and a substantial experience permits us to deliver our customers high standards services and deserve their trust.

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